The Plague of Man Records is DIY record label run by a collective of friends in Asheville, North Carolina. We put out records for bands we love, and friends we have made over the decades we've been playing in bands. We generally stick to DIY punk and heavy music.


The main goals for this label are:

- To support and boost the DIY music scene in our home of Asheville, NC, a small city punching above it's weight for decades without as much recognition as it deserves. Asheville bands are a rare breed and should have a higher profile and get the opportunity to see their music pressed to vinyl or high quality cassette.

- To bring in records from bands abroad that might not otherwise receive a release in the United States. We often partner with international labels to co-release projects from bands in their regions to make this happen with small pressings.

- To, whenever possible, redistribute funds received beyond the costs of production to mutual aid projects and autonomous groups working towards abolition and the liberation of marginalized people in our community and worldwide.


We reject all forms of bigotry, including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, and any other attitude or ideology that seeks to subjegate or oppress others. This is not a high bar to reach, and it is the bare minimum of acceptable behavior. If you are unwilling or unable get on the same page - fuck off. Punk is anti-fascist. Hardcore is anti-fascist. Metal is anti-fascist. The Plague of Man is anti-fascist.